Get Good Eats at Rush Street Neighborhood Grill

Get Good Eats at Rush Street Neighborhood Grill

Rush Street Neighborhood Grill Serves Tasty Dessert

Rush Street Neighborhood Grill food is always good.
Rush Street Neighborhood Grill dessert tastes good, drizzled in chocolate and caramel.

Whether it’s Chicago style pepperoni pizza, New York steak strip salad or the Crab cake dinner you can’t go wrong dinning at Rush Street Neighborhood Grill when you’re in the neighborhood. Anytime you’re near Kingsport, Tennessee drop on by and check them out at 1229 E Stone Drive. Mike & Jerry Feliu, the co-owner brothers, make you feel right at home. Mike rules the front, meeting and greeting, schmoozing with diners. Jerry’s in the kitchen overseeing Fozzi, one of the chefs, whip up some good eats.

Crab Cakes and Focaccia Bread Served at the Rush Street Neighborhood Grill

Fozzi’s crab cakes rival Maryland Blue Crab cakes. Fozzi’s crust is crunchier with a hint of onion flavoring. Instead of going with Old Bay seasoning he dribbles a bit of poppy-seed pesto sauce to go with the chunks of crab that’s mixed in with secret ingredients to give a robust flavoring to the crab cakes. Focaccia bread is a key part of the meal. Focaccia bread is a soft white bread, with a hint of sweetness as you bite into the warm and fluffy Italian bread with the crunchy golden crust. A small dinner salad with greens, red onions, carrots and cucumbers along with other goodies and topped with regular crunchy croutons and pumpernickel ones too. Fozzi uses real crab meat you actually taste in chunks.

Spaghetti, Steak and Chicken Served at Rush Street Neighborhood Grill

Spaghetti with meat sauce and salad is another tasty meal. And they don’t skimp on the sauce or the meat. Also you can order steak and chicken dinners along with ribs. The pizza is a meal in itself fully loaded with cheese and zesty pepperoni.

Sitting in the “one step” section is fun. The servers refill your sweet tea and stay attentive to your dining needs. Yet they never intrude on your meal. One cool place to sit is the Gangster booth next to the “one step” section. “Baby Face” Nelson “Lucky” Luciano and “Scarface” Al Capone grace the walls painted from newspaper photo clippings.

And there is a cozy bar section that’s lively with old friends chatting or listening to music. Young and old dine here. Families with children, young couples on a date or the middle-aged set in to grab a bite all eat here.

When You’re in the Neighborhood Stop in at Rush Street Neighborhood Grill

So stop in and let the host or hostess seat you, when you’re in the neighborhood. You get good food at a great price in a family atmosphere. So be sure and add Rush Street Neighborhood Grill in Kingsport, Tennessee to your list of yummy eateries.


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