Snippets on Fairwinds: Home of the Southern Fried tlc Travel Scribe

Snippets on Fairwinds: Home of the Southern Fried tlc Travel Scribe

Fairwinds: Home in the Calm of the Storm

Fairwinds, the name of our home, is part of a Naval expression, "Fairwinds & following seas.
Fairwinds is home, the name we christened our place after moving in.

Fairwinds is the name of the place. So some folks joke the Governor lives here. But it’s unlikely he’d live way out in the sticks in the foothills of the Smokies in our valley . Trease, the Southern Fried tlc Travel Scribe lives here with her family.

This Colonial-style home, built in 1978, replaced the original farmhouse. A blind mason built the original home. It burnt down in a fire the Christmas of 1977 after a fire flue mishap. Situated on almost 2 1/2 acres in Tennessee near the Virginia state line, a white vinyl railing fence surrounds the house and field.

Cattle, Donkeys, Deer, Coyotes & Wild Turkeys Roam the Countryside

The fence is mainly for looks, not keeping anything out or in. Deer wander through the yard. Wild turkeys roam the hills behind the house. Coyotes live in the hills on the other side of the road. Cattle and donkeys graze lazily in the field across the road too. Someone once sighted a bear up the road that intersects with ours.

Fall rivals that of Maryland and New England. Brilliant fiery red, pumpkin orange and lemon yellow leaves appear with the change of the summer in the woods that cover the hills bordering our valley. Additionally you get your four seasons in Tennessee, complete with fun stuff to do. The Tour De Possum Creek bicycle race goes right by the house in summer during Fun Fest. Winter brings a cold snap, sometimes with snow. With it comes the Bristol Motor Speedway in Lights show and the Santa Train Special. Railroad tracks are also nearby.

Our road and little valley winds through both Tennessee and Virginia for almost 25 miles. Several churches and a couple of country stores dot the road. There are a couple of nurseries in our little valley. We dubbed our home as Fairwinds. It’s part of a Navy expression wishing retiring sailors or those with orders to a new place “fair winds and following seas.” It’s a farewell, wishing good fortune. And with the constant breeze here it’s an apt name.


Trease L Carpenter

Trease is a freelance writer, who hangs her hat in Kingsport, TN. Her writing niche covers local events, food and travel-related articles. Travel, lifestyle and community show the story. If you want rich content with the real story, Trease is your writer/storyteller/photographer. Check out her other Southern Fried blogs. Trease also wrote the Thursday edition of the "Across the Fence" column for the Kingsport Times-News from May 10, 2010 - August 28, 2015. She is big on local tourism and anything related to travel... including all things local like the food, eateries, shops and events. So, go for the local historic flavoring, along with the varied lodging and the picture-perfect scenery . Trease also writes on writing... wordsmith crafting on another blog. Southern Fried Travel, Southern Fried tlc and the Southern Fried Scribe blogs showcase Trease's writing. So head on over and check out all the cool stuff.
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