The House Mark Built… Okay We’re Not in Tennessee Anymore

The House Mark Built… Okay We’re Not in Tennessee Anymore

The House Mark Built is a Rare Gem

The house Mark built is a one-of-a-kind rarity, located in the Nook Farm literary section of Hartford, Connecticut..
The house Mark built is a unique gem and the Clemens family considered the home as another family member. Mark Twain built the house with unique peach-colored bricks and chocolate trim.

The house Mark built was a one-of-a-kind rare gem. It definitely was the pride and joy of Mark Twain, whose real name was Samuel Clemens. And the Clemens family considered the house as another family member. Also, Nook Farm, the house’s neighborhood, held the literary section of Hartford, Connecticut. Installed gas lights, flush toilets and a central heating system in the basement were some of the features included when the family built the house in 1874.Olivia Clemens, his wife, sketched the layout of the various rooms including the views of the countryside in her sketches. And Edward Tuckerman Potter of the New York “Stick Style” 1870’s house was the architect. Additionally, Mark and Olivia called in a distinguished interior design firm. This consisted of Louis Tiffany Comfort, Samuel Colman, Lockwood de Forest and Candace Thurber Wheeler.

The House Mark Built is Flamboyant

The flamboyant peach colored brick and chocolate trim was only part of the elegance. Also, theater and parlour games were held in the drawing-room. And the shellacked dining room walls embossed in red and gold embossed look like leather. Additionally, a custom-built sideboard to fit in the wall is original to the dining room. And finally, a billiard table took up some of the space, along with the writing lair, up on the third floor. So, each room in the house Mark built has a story. Like the famous author living there, intricate story weaving abounded in and about the house that Mark built.

Mark Twain’s Third Floor Study and Billiard Room

He banished his wife Olivia and daughters Susie, Clara and Jean from the third floor. Here Mark would write, play billiards or talk politics with George Griffin his man-servant. The original study on the first floor didn’t work out and became the children’s school room. It looked exactly like a classroom and even had school desks. As the center calm in the family, Olivia home schooled the children. Mark and Olivia library decorated the library in rich tones of teal and gold. Also five foot built-in bookshelves were all around the library.

The side bedroom belonged to Susie. Olivia chose a pastel blue wallpaper for the walls. A twin bed, dresser, chest small rocker and a secretary desk made up the furniture. Clara and Jean shared a room. The wallpaper here depicted a nursery scene. there were two twin beds in this room. Mark and Olivia purchased the children’s toys from FAO Schwartz. Mark’s and Olivia’s room was lavish. A gold chaise and an angel four-poster bed took up most of the space. Also, the bed had enough room for a whole family to sleep there. And the wallpaper was a green, yellow and white floral pattern. There also was a fireplace with chairs surrounding it.

So, Mark built the house bit by bit. The family imported many of the items from Europe. And when Mark ran over budget, he’d write another story. “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” allowed for a new makeover for the major rooms and for enlarging the kitchen wing. This certainly is a one-of-a-kind Victorian style of home. And there never will be another one like it. Or one so cherished as a beloved family member.


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