Fall For Downtown Kingsport Tennessee Event Shows Off Crafts & Jewelry

Fall For Downtown Kingsport Tennessee Event Shows Off Crafts & Jewelry

And Fall For Downtown Kingsport Tennessee and Check Out Their Crafts

Fall For Downtown Kingsport Tennessee is an awesome and inspiring event.
Fall For Downtown Kingsport Tennessee is a great time for shopping. So check out the crafts, custom-made jewelry and strolling downtown.

And the rain kept on coming down. So, what were we thinking? The “Fall for Downtown” event in Kingsport started at 11:00 am. And it continued until 7:00 pm. That is, unless they gave up because of the torrential rain showers. So much was there, including crafts and antiques. Also, vendors set up food booths along Main Street in downtown Kingsport Tennessee. 

Some of the shops and eateries along Broad Street also opened for the event. The day held so much promise of good food, good stuff and a stroll along Main and Broad Streets. If only the rain cooperated and quit. Needless to say, it didn’t quit raining. We had a good time for a couple of hours, even slogging through the rain. I believe all 40 vendors showed up for the event. But many of them already shut their booths down and covered up their treasures.

But Terry, Page Marie and I found our treasure. Page Marie bought a designer brand wallet at one of the clothing booths. And Terry found a cherry pie, a rare find these days. And I found the two bracelets with Asian silk jewelry pouches photographed above.

Sally’s Treasures Offered One-of-a-Kind Custom-Made Jewelry

The rose-colored bracelet consists of Chinese crystals. And the accents with encrusted white crystal bands and gold carved tubing made the bracelet stand out. Then blue turquoise, brown agate, bits of quartz and clover-green pebbles made up the second bracelet.  This also added to its funkiness. And these treasures came from Sally’s Treasures at 3817 Memorial Blvd in Kingsport. The telephone number is (423) 239-9993. Also the bracelets cost $10 for the turquoise one and $12 for the Chinese crystal one. Other items from Sally’s Treasures were purses and California-style clothing with rich, flowing fabrics. Sally is originally from California and she tries to visit there on buying trips for her shop.

Furniture Made From Bent Caramel Tree Branches

One booth carried furnishings and furniture made from bent tree branches, varnished or lacquered, showcasing the rich caramel wood tones. Many vendors sold jewelry and clothing. There also were food booths from Kaffe Blue, the gourmet soup, salad and sandwich eatery and Bone Fire Smokehouse, one of the best barbecue joints in town. And they even held a fashion show in the Bus Depot, a sharp-looking renovated building, which isn’t a bus depot anymore.

We stayed for a bit, but the rain was too much. It may rain three inches today and we are in a flash flood warning. However, in spite of the rain the vendors said business was good before the rain hit. Hopefully, Kingsport will have many more of these events and not just in the fall. I can see this becoming a big event… even with all the rain we had a good time.


Trease L Carpenter

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