Bristol Motor Speedway In Lights

Bristol Motor Speedway In Lights

Bristol Motor Speedway in Lights Comes Once a Year

Coca-Cola light show at the Bristol Motor Speedway in Lights is cute.
Santa in his sleigh with a Coke on display at the Coca-Cola light decorations at the Bristol Motor Speedway in Lights, isĀ  an amazing sight.

Ah the time of year to spread good cheer… There’s nothing better than checking out the Christmas lights at the Bristol Motor Speedway in Lights. The display runs from Thanksgiving in November through the New Year in January.

Riding the Racetrack Curves High at Two Miles an Hour is Fun at the Bristol Motor Speedway in Lights

Plus you get the added benefit of driving around the Motor Mile racetrack in Bristol, TN. Even if you must drive at a snail’s pace for safety reasons, it’s fun. But hey, banking the turns and riding the curves high, even at a turtle’s pace is so cool. Each year the display adds more light displays to the Northeast Tennessee extravaganza. It’s a delight even for those who aren’t NASCAR fans. The theme changes from year to yea,r so there’s always something new to check out. Also, if you tire of looking at the lights, bring your ice skates and skate at the ice rink on the raceway grounds, close to the Christmas lights show. This is just too cool to miss.


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