Tone It and Work It At the Tone Zone Gym In Mt Carmel Tennessee

Tone It and Work It At the Tone Zone Gym In Mt Carmel Tennessee

Tone Zone Gym in Mt Carmel, Tennessee is Great for a Workout

The Tone Zone Gym is a great place to work out.The Tone Zone Gym is a great place to work out.
Anthony Crawford works hard at the Tone Zone gym in Mt Carmel, Tennessee.

Get on down to the Tone Zone Gym on Main Blvd just off of 11W in Mt Carmel Tennessee. The owner Anthony Crawford usually is hanging out or toning with the best of them either day or evening time. Anthony recently expanded and remodeled the Tone Zone Gym so now it has twice the space at 2500 square feet… about as big as my whole house. He also added 15 new pieces of whole circuit stack loading machines. You can work on each different muscle group or body area on each machine.

Don't forget to stay hydrated as you work out at the gym.
Healthy snacks and drinks are a must for any good gym after a solid workout.

 And get this… Tone Zone Gym membership prices didn’t go up either. Decide if you want to pay the daily, monthly or yearly rate. The monthly rate saves you money or if you opt for the yearly rate you save even more. Also if you’re visiting in the area just pay your $5 daily rate and you’re in. Another cool benefit to the Tone Zone Gym is that you get to work out when you want to. How does Anthony do that… with the latest cipher lock at the door. You get your own personal code to enter in when you want to work out.

You name it, the Tone Zone Gym has it for good workouts.
Tone Zone Gym has All Kinds of Machines for a good workout.

Leg Extensions, Bicep Curls and Abdominal Workout Machines at Tone Zone Gym

The Tone Zone has a leg extensions machine, recumbent bike, biceps curl machine and an abdominal machine. There’s even more… hip abductor, shoulder press, heavy bag and speed bag punching bags. You’ll just have to come on down to see the rest of the commercial grade equipment for working out. The Tone Zone also has three vending machines… but these aren’t just any vending machines. They carry nutritional snack bars and sports drinks. Anthony also sells supplements, vitamins, gloves and belts plus a lot more.

Power lifters, body builders, high school students and 50-something moms and dads work out. Some 8 and 9 year-old kids also tone at the gym with Mom.  And some of the Tone Zone Gym members are in their 80’s. New beginners and seasoned professionals alike work out at the gym. There is something for everyone.

No one is trying to outdo or intimidate anyone. This is a Christian family friendly and singles friendly gym. Members appreciate feeling like one of the family and getting straight answers to their questions. Bring your laptop too… there’s free Wi-Fi for members. So, make the Tone Zone Gym your new fitness place. They’re open 24/7 so you truly do get to work out when you want to. Be sure to tell your friends too. Check out the added space, new equipment, 42″ big screen TV and the surround sound XM radio. Meet some of the friendliest and most helpful people and let Anthony know you saw the Tone Zone Gym mentioned on Trease, the Southern Fried Travel Scribe’s blog.


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