Car Breakdown On the Highway Near Cookeville Tennessee

Car Breakdown On the Highway Near Cookeville Tennessee

This dealership is where AAA tows your vehicle after a car breakdown.
Cumberland Auto Care Center is AAA approved and is a good place to go after you experience a car breakdown.
A bit of preventive care keeps a car breakdown to a minimum.
Keep your vehicle in pristine condition so you don’t experience a car breakdown.

You Dread the Call Your Kid had a Car Breakdown Away From Home

Last Thursday Eli experienced a car breakdown on Route 40 close to exit 273 to Baxter, Tennessee.  This is not the call parents want to receive when their college student is on their way home. I could hear the cars whizzing by him as he waited on the shoulder of the road for AAA help to arrive. Yay for AAA!

To our surprise the AAA towed Eli’s Toyota to a Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep auto dealership in Cookeville, Tennessee.  Cumberland Auto Center is not the typical place you expect as a towing destination for your broke down vehicle. As far as I know it’s the only auto dealership with AAA approval.

Cumberland Auto Care Center isn’t Your Typical Car Dealership

The dealership has some interesting concepts like working 12 hour shifts with ample time off between shifts. They have a website at where you can check out the latest deals, service specials and order parts or schedule your vehicle’s servicing. You might not routinely do this while traveling, but it’s nice to know when you do break down within towing distance of this dealership you get a professional outfit and not some fly-by-night price gouging antics, taking advantage of the fact you’re just passing through.

The service has great hours and are open from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm Monday through Saturday. And these guys a big on service. The dealership even recommends a good hotel for stranded motorists overnight.

Kris Hartbarger in the service department took care of the car, talked with us and saw to it that Eli could wait inside the dealership, even though the showroom  closed an hour before we could get there. We live in Kingsport in the Northeastern part of the state while Cookeville is near Nashville, the middle of the state.

Not only that, but Kris talked to us every step of the way since we brought Eli home for spring break while the Toyota stayed put at Cumberland Auto Center in Cookeville awaiting repairs. Kris Hartbarger is one of the most patient and kindest people,  like him who give the dealership a good name even to out-of-town folks.

Caught by Surprise with a Car Breakdown is No Fun

Eli’s Toyota threw a rod so repairing the engine was out of the question.  The engine needed replacing, a rather expensive venture. Even motors from salvage yards don’t come cheap. One further great thing about being AAA members… we got a 10% discount off the total repair bill. That was at least a $300 savings right there. Kris went out of his way to make sure our experience was a good one. He even absorbed some of the labor to keep our cost down.

Not only did they replace the motor, but they checked the rest of the car out make sure it was good to go. That was a good thing because they did find a few other minor problems and one that could have caused this deal to happen again.

Before Leaving Town Check Your Auto to Avoid a Car Breakdown

Eli  has learned a valuable lesson in being sure the car is good to go before a long trip. And he realizes keeping it checked periodically for fluid levels is important.  And taking other preventative maintenance measures is also important. We also learned to have Kent, our  mechanic to check our cars out before we buy them. We bought the Toyota just a few months ago at a local dealer.

Don’t travel long trips before checking your vehicle out. And if your auto breaks down near Cookeville you know to have it towed to Cumberland Auto Center. They are at 1540 Interstate Dr in Cookeville, Tn 38501… especially if you’re a AAA member. Cumberland Auto Center and Kris Hartbarger literally saved the day for us.


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