Ft Benning Georgia Airborne School Graduation Day… Hooah

Ft Benning Georgia Airborne School Graduation Day… Hooah

Ft Benning Georgia Airborne School… Time for Jump Wings

Ft Benning Georgia is home of the 505th Parachute Infantry and home of  the US Army Airborne School. This is the place to earn those envied jump wings and our son, Eli Carpenter had the honor of doing just that… earning those coveted jump wings.

Parachute Infantry is a key component to today's combat.
Ft Benning Georgia is home to the 505th Parachute Infantry.

Elijah Gale Carpenter, a rising MS3 Cadet at Vanderbilt University Army ROTC in Nashville, Tennessee graduated from Airborne School on Thursday, May 27th at Ft Benning, Georgia. Hooah. Unfortunately his dad, Terry and I missed the graduation ceremony since the Army in their infinite wisdom, failed in updating their website with the adjusted holiday graduation times.

Ft Benning Graduation Day… Double Check Graduation Time


Jumping from a C-130 cargo plane sounds exciting.
Check out the C-130 cargo plane class cadets jump out of.

Eli also attends Free Will Baptist Bible College as a rising Junior, also in Nashville, Tennessee. And he now holds a 3.97 GPA. He finally earned his first B, after making the President’s List for three semesters in a row.

 Ft Benning Georgia Class Regiment for Airborne School

Check out the flight line at Ft Benning Georgia.
The flight line and the jump target are part of Airborne School.

The Airborne class takes about 3 weeks to complete. During week 1 soldiers learn and practice their parachute landing falls or PLF’s. They also workout strenuously during PT or Physical Training, while double-timing, or running, everywhere they go. The heat is intensive, around 96 degrees with 95% humidity. Learning the parachute landing falls correctly is a must, so there are no injuries to the soldier after making the parachute jump.


Week 2 starts off with more of the fun stuff… jumping off the 35 to 250 foot towers. They connect the student to the tower with a cable during the exercise jumps. During this exercise the instructors canceled jumps off the 250 foot tower due to high winds. The Army rules are stringent and they strictly  adhere to them while training their soldiers. Such isn’t a luxury during real combat.

 Jump From a C-130 for the Thrill of Your Life at Ft Benning

Graduation day at Ft Benning Georgia. See the barracks?
Classroom and the barracks are part of the life at Ft Benning Georgia.

Then week 3 saves the best for last. Five jumps at 1200 feet from a C-130, a cargo plane completed successfully is part of the requirements to graduate. This is where soldiers find out how well they learned. It’s real easy to panic and forgot the lessons, as two soldiers did when they got their lines tangled and ended up making hard landings.


Eli also had his own mishap on a landing. He forgot to ride against the wind and instead rode with it. He realized his mistake and tried to correct for it. But at a certain point the ground comes up fast and hard. He ended up doing a 360 degree flip when he landed, but remembered to keep his feet together and arms properly positioned so that when he did finally land, he landed correctly on his feet.

That was a pretty good save, son. Dad, Terry Carpenter only wishes he could have jumped with you… in a father and son jump, reliving his own Airborne School days. I know it had to feel good walking everywhere instead of double-timing it too.


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