Cafe Jubilee and Chef Barry Serve Up Yummy Entrees

Cafe Jubilee and Chef Barry Serve Up Yummy Entrees

Cafe Jubillee Cheff Barry takes concocting new recipes seariously.
Cafe Jubilee Chef Barry offers up tasty meals and adds flair to the entrees.

Cafe Jubilee: Where it All Starts

Cafe Jubilee is the name of the place where I lunched. Located in the country in Rogersville, Tenn, just off of 11 W on Carters Valley Loop in Hawkins County, Cafe Jubilee offers great food in a country setting. While there I met three great people: Chef Barry Reitenga, Ed Smith and Cailin Smith.

What is even more wild is these three know a good friend of mine in Texas, Sherry Heffner… who I roomed with when we both were in the Navy at the Presidio of Monterey in Cal. So, this truly is a small world. In addition, I now know who Ed is.

Dine on the porch at Cafe Jubilee.
Soak up some sunshine and good food on the porch at Cafe Jubilee.

Cafe Jubilee Delectable Entrees are a Hit With Diners

Ed and Cailin are servers at Barry’s restaurant, Cafe Jubilee. The restaurant opened more than two years ago… I only went there yesterday. And boy am I glad I did. Furthermore, the daily specials were hard to choose from. Yes, there’s more than one.

Try the recommended Roast Beef Panini at Cafe Jubilee.
Cafe Jubilee serves up delicious Roast Beef Panini.

Try the Roast Beef Panini and Pumpkin Pie

Also, Cailin recommended  the Roast Beef Panini. With carmelized onions, the cheddar cheese melted to perfection with a grilled croissant. The roast beef is well done and juicy, the way I like it. And a horseradish dip is also served with the scrumptious sandwich.

I also had some of the best pumpkin pie for dessert. This was even better than my homemade pumpkin pie. Barry’s mom bakes these from scratch.

Come with Friends and Come Often

I plan to return with my daughter Page and some friends. I feel like I’m eating lunch back on my grandma’s side porch. Grandma’s porch is on a farmhouse too.

This place is definitely worth checking out. The food’s good, the price reasonable and the atmosphere is just great. Housed inside of the Jubilee Gallery the café isn’t the only attraction.  The gallery carries arts and crafts items like wind spoon chimes and quilts along with jewelry items… but that’s for another blog post.


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