Salem Sites: the Friendship, the Custom House & “Bewitched” Statue

Salem Sites: the Friendship, the Custom House & “Bewitched” Statue

Salem Attractions From the Friendship to the “Bewitched” Statue

Salem attractions, including the Friendship, anchored in Salem's harbor is a replica of the original ship, the Salem East Indiaman.
Salem attractions such as the Friendship is a replica of the 1797 original three-masted ship the Salem East Indiaman.

Attractions in Salem:

Salem attractions grab your attention quickly and are standouts among the usual run-of-the-mill attractions. There is the Friendship, the Custom House, the “Bewitched” statue and the Salem Waterfront Hotel and Marina. All 4 Salem attractions are found near or on the Salem waterfront. So, settle in and check out these amazing attractions.

The Friendship Replica of the 1797 Salem East Indiaman

The most noteworthy Salem attraction is the Friendship. It’s anchored in Salem, Mass.’ harbor. It also is a replica of the original Friendship. The Salem Maritime National Historic Site is actually where the ship docks . They built  the original 171 foot Three-masted Salem East Indiaman in 1797.

Touring the ship is most interesting. Below decks, in the belly of the wooden ship gives a glimpse into how the ship’s crew lived and toiled. Furthermore, the officers had their own quarters while the enlisted slept in hammocks near the supplies and foodstuffs.

Therefore, the Friendship is a fully functioning vessel which actually sails close to home from time to time. Additionally, the National Park Service staff and volunteers help take care of her, working on the continual upkeep and maintenance that goes into caring for a ship. Last of all, the Friendship is also one of the tall ships. The ship participates in the Salem Maritime Festival.

The Custom House

Next up, the Salem Custom House is nearby, where Nathaniel Hawthorne worked  as a surveyor, while writing his novel the Scarlett Letter. In the introduction to the novel, Nathaniel Hawthorne shows us around the Custom House.  In addition, he gives us a glimpse of the musty and dusty second floor where he discovered the records he fleshed out which formed the basis of The Scarlett Letter. Last of all, we viewed his brightly lit office with the high ceilings which give the room an air of spaciousness.

The “Bewitched” Statue is Bewitching

The small fenced-in  cemetery close to the “Bewitched” statue is eerie near dusk and makes for an interesting site. The “Bewitched” statue depicts the late Elizabeth Montgomery sitting side-saddle on a broomstick next to a crescent sliver of the moon. It’s a fairly textured, even lumpy, statue. Even it has its controversy. Many  Salem locals didn’t want more attention brought to the infamous Salem Witch trials of 1692. Yet, there are plenty of shops for those who dabble in the old art. There is a good self-walking tour you can take around the town which showcases Salem’s interesting and diverse history.

Stay at the Salem Waterfront Hotel and Marina

My husband, two kids and I stayed at the Salem Waterfront Hotel and Marina on the historic Pickering Wharf July 3 & 4, 2005. The hotel had opened in October of 2004 and was new. We definitely got a deal, when while registering on such short notice. In addition, the hotel rooms are plush and spacious. We also didn’t have to go out into the jam-packed crowd the eve of July 4. Instead, we had a front row seat to the fireworks show out over the harbor. And we had a birds-eye view from our hotel room as we watched the fireworks from roomy overstuffed armchairs.

In conclusion, Salem is an interesting city with small town atmosphere, definitely worth touring. There’s so much history to see and things to do. I’m glad we took the trip.


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