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Pal’s Sudden Service – Home to Tennessee

Pal’s Sudden Service is a one-of-a-kind Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia fast food chain founded by Pal Barger in 1956. He opened his first Pal’s store in downtown Kingsport, Tennessee. In all, there are twenty-three Pal’s Sudden Service stores.

And the drive-thru Pal’s have the most unusual looking architecture with the standout design first drawn on the back of a napkin by Tony Barone in 1984. It’s basically a soft robin’s egg blue rectangular building, except for the front side, which consists four big steps.

First, a huge Big Pal’s Burger sits atop the bottom step. Then, on the next step is the Pal’s Hot Dog. Also, the third step is where one of the Pal’s drink cups, with straw rests. Finally, the fourth step is where the Pal’s Frenchie Fries in their white bag are leaning. This design is huge and you probably can see a Pal’s drive-thru restaurant a mile away. It’s that much of a unique standout.

Pal’s Sudden Service Food

Some items on the menu are hamburgers like the Double Big Pal, Big Pal, Junior Burger, Sauceburger and the Chili Burger. Also, you can order a Hot Dog or Chili Bun. Chipped Ham and Toasted Cheese are the two sandwiches Pal’s makes. Then there is the Frenchie Fry.

Breakfast food consists of five different kinds of biscuits including the Country Ham Biscuit, Gravy Biscuit, Sausage Biscuit and Bacon Biscuit. You can also order bacon, Cheddar Rounds or coffee.

Pal’s Sudden Service Drinks

Other drinks include soft drinks, milk and orange juice. Then there is the Big Tea which comes in different flavors like the Razzie Big Tea and the Peachie Big Tea. Or you can order the regular flavored Big Tea. Pal’s also serves vanilla, strawberry and chocolate shakes. However at two of the walk-in Pal’s locations in Kingsport they make a delicious peanut butter shake and a peanut butter-chocolate combo shake. The peanut butter-chocolate shakes tastes like a liquid Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

You will need to find a place to eat your food or take it home. None of the Pal’s stores has eat-in dining. The food is good and the experience is different, but you’ll really enjoy the Pal’s experience. I just wish all their locations made the peanut butter-chocolate shake.


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