Pal’s Sudden Service for Memorable Fast Food

Pal's Sudden Service - Home to Tennessee Pal's Sudden Service is a one-of-a-kind Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia fast food chain founded by Pal Barger in 1956. He opened his first Pal's store in downtown Kingsport, Tennessee. In all, there are twenty-three Pal's Sudden Service stores. And the drive-thru Pal's have the most unusual looking architecture with…

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Column Writing, the Other Day Job With the Kingsport Times-News

Column Writing was the Other Day Job I no longer write the Thursday¬† column for the Kingsport Times-News. I had a really good run for five years. My last day writing for the Times-News was August 27, 2015. I enjoyed the writing, but my heart wanted to write travel, lifestyle, food and event related articles about the…

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