Gone Yet Not Forgotten: Mason Jar Eatery… Once was the New Restaurant in Town

Gone yet not forgotten, the Mason Jar Eatery was a unique eatery in downtown Kingsport. All the places no longer here need a lasting memory and a place of their own, so their history and great moments live on.

Gone Yet Not Forgotten: Smoky Cheddar Burgers

This food was well worth the wait. They had delicious Smokey Cheddar Burgers, which weigh one-third a pound. Another good burger, was the Mason Jar Burger, which weighed less. And there was plenty more.

Scrumptious Onion Rings Well Remembered

They served tasty onion rings, with the onions hand-sliced and breaded daily. Also, they patted out the hamburgers  daily, but hand-rolled them into balls first. And they additionally hand-sliced the Idaho potatoes daily and cooked to order. Heather Whittle, who owned the Mason Jar Eatery, took pride in supporting the local community by buying beef, chicken, bacon and hot dogs from area farms, along with vegetables, when they’re in season. Even the baked breads came from local bakeries.

Mason Jar Eatery: Mom and Daughter Run Business

Heather’s daughter, Meghan Hudgel helped her mom out,waiting on the diners and ringing up purchases of either dine-in or take-out orders. Catering was also available. And on Thursdays there was a free kid’s meal with the purchase of a one-half pound burger. The deal was for take-out orders only. That sounded like a really good deal.

It Was All in the Food at the Mason Jar Eatery

The Mason Jar Eatery and Catering Company had yummy hamburgers, hot dogs, fried pickles and cheese fries. They even took special requests to cook your food your way. They also had Petite Fours available Feb. 14, 2013 for Valentines Day, by special order only. They even served up old-fashioned root beer floats.


Gone Yet Not Forgotten: El Volcan Mexican Restaurant in Downtown Kingsport

Gone yet not forgotten, Juan Garcia, owned his own restaurant and he was just 27-years old at the time. Juan hailed from Mexico, but moved to Kingsport with an older brother when Juan was 16. He worked at a local Mexican restaurant, and even met his wife-to-be at the same restaurant. And Juan knew Maria from Mexico, and she too relocated to Kingsport. Also, Juan kept saving his money and when the former La Campina closed, Juan purchased the building for his own Mexican restaurant, El Volcan.

El Volcan Had Spacious Dining

El Volcan was spacious. It also reminded me of fine dining, but at a great budget-friendly price. The painted walls  were a light orange, going for the clay adobe effect on the top half, with river rock on the bottom half. A statue of a steer greeted you just inside the front door. The steer looked so cute, decked  out in a multicolored plaid jacket, blue jeans, a bandanna, a holstered six-shooter, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. You had your choice of sitting at a booth or a table.

Gone Yet Not Forgotten: Sumptuous Food and Deals at El Volcan

The deals abounded with sumptuous food. There were lunch specials and combination dinners, along with the delicious specials. The Spanish rice was scrumptious. The refried beans were quite good. The menu was quite extensive. The steak and shrimp special consisted of steak strips and steamed shrimp drizzled in cheese dip. They served it with Spanish rice, refried beans, guacamole salad and tortillas. The beef burritos were another good choice.

Chimichangas and Fajita Quesadillas

My husband, Dad ordered the beef Chimichangas whenever he ate Mexican food there. There was a good selection of entrees for the lunch specials. Their iced tea hit the spot and they got it just right, especially with the half-and-half tea. The Sopas were another yummy dish. The Fajita Quesadillas were yet another tasty entrée.

This was Mexican dining at its best at a reasonable price. The service was some of the friendliest too. El Volcan is no longer there, but its memory lives on.


Gone Yet Not Forgotten: La Campina on Broad Street in Kingsport
Gone yet not forgotten: Hanging out at La Campina in downtown Kingsport
Gone yet not forgotten: Hanging out at La Campina in downtown Kingsport.
Gone yet not forgotten: Delicious Mexican food at La Campina.
Gone yet not forgotten: Tasty plate of Mexican food at La Campina.
Gone yet not forgotten: The menu at La Campina
Gone not yet forgotten: The menu at La Campina with some of the tastiest entrees.
La Campina with Authentic Decor and Good Food

Gone yet not forgotten: La Campina was an eatery on Broad St in downtown Kingsport, Tennessee. But it is no longer there and El Volcan took its place.(Now El Volcan is no longer there too.) The decor was as authentic as the food. The walls held a vibrant peachy orange and sunflower yellow, sponge-painted that gave the look of cool adobe.

Great Tea and Tortilla Chips at La Campina

They made tasty ice tea, with the strong tea flavor and the right amount of sugar. The tortilla chips arrived steaming hot with no salt, just the ground corn taste that’s savoring. The salsa held a tangy yet spicy flavor, true Mexican style.

With my limited Spanish I felt shy about speaking it to the friendly staff. I looked forward to speaking to them the next time I was in.

McCrory’s Department Store Long Before it was La Campina

La Campina was once the old McCrory’s Department store… or so my husband tells me. There is so much history to Broad St and so much to do downtown, especially shop and eat. Every time I go back to Broad St it seems there’s something new to check out or try. And La Campina had so much variety with their menu.

Amazing What You Find Through Kingsport Deals on Facebook

You can find out about many of the downtown Kingsport eateries through Kingsport Deals on Facebook. Check them out before you go downtown. Not only do they mention great new places to eat, but they let you know where all the good deals are.The photos with this post are of the previous restaurant, La Campina. I’ll keep them here for you to appreciate what both restaurants were like.

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